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6 Do’s and Don’ts with Cupping Treatment Aftercare

Posted on: May 11th, 2022 by TouchStone Health

Medicine and pain relief have evolved plenty, but there are still many reliable treatments existing for years. Cupping is an alternative method of treating various diseases and ailments. This is done by placing cups on the skin and creating suction with a vacuum pump. Cupping helps with: blood flow, muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, cleansing the skin and releasing toxins. 

Cupping therapy is not just a fad as it definitely has a lasting purpose and effect on people. Not only is it a safe and powerful method of dealing with pain and different illnesses, but it is also an effective one. 

If you’ve gone through the treatment, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of cupping aftercare to ensure that your health isn’t compromised. Continue reading to learn more.

1) Do Stay Hydrated

After having a cupping treatment session, it is advantageous that you stay hydrated. While this therapy is quite powerful, give your body a good supply of water to help flush out the inner toxins in your body. Plus, staying hydrated will help your body heal faster from the heat that came from cupping.

2) Don’t Eat Big Meals

You might be craving a big meal but, for the sake of cupping aftercare, it’s important not to eat big meals. Because our bodies have lost a lot of their energy, we have to eat light meals and focus on digesting. Eating a big meal will only slow down your digestion, and you’ll end up with problems.

3) Do Rest Up After Your Treatment

The heat that is produced from the cupping treatment is a great detoxifier. But after your treatment, you need to rest so that your body can repair itself. Give yourself a few hours to rest and relax before doing your daily chores or going out. Also, remember to take breaks in between to help the body heal faster.

4) Don’t Expose Your Skin to Chills

When you’ve had a cupping treatment, it’s best to avoid cold or chilly air. The pores on your skin are wide open after the treatment, and exposing yourself to the cold air will make you feel uncomfortable. If you have to go outdoors after your treatment, bring a shawl or blanket with you to avoid exposure to the cold.

5) Do Postpone Exercising

With the heat from the cupping treatment, you must let your body relax as much as it can. In fact, it’s best to avoid physical activities for a short period after your treatment. At best, simply do some light stretching and breathing exercises. Doing so and postponing extraneous activities will help you recover quicker.

6) Don’t Go Sunbathing

After your cupping treatment, don’t go sunbathing. Even if there’s a temptation to jump into the pool or the beach to bask in the sun after reaping the benefits of cupping, that’s not a good idea after the session right away. The heat from the sun will be too much for your body to bear, and you might suffer from serious skin irritation.


Cupping is a great alternative method of dealing with illnesses and pains. Because of its popularity, more and more people want to be part of the cupping experience. Make the appointment and learn the proper know-how of cupping aftercare.

In need of a registered acupuncturist? Touch Stone Health provides licensed naturoparthic, cupping, acupuncture, chiropractic massage therapy and counselling services to Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today!

The Top Best Benefits of Getting a Prenatal Massage

Posted on: May 5th, 2022 by TouchStone Health

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years. It is a common activity among pregnant women and also during labour. You might already be familiar with its regular benefits; however, this blog post will showcase some of the top benefits of getting a massage during pregnancy.

The Top Best Benefits of Getting a Prenatal Massage

1 – Get the Better of Back Pain

Lower back pain is very common during pregnancy. A prenatal massage helps alleviate pain and discomfort caused by the weight of your growing baby bump on the muscles and tissues along your back. You can also ask your therapist to focus specifically on your lower back.

2 – Relaxation

Massage is a great way to relax your body and mind, which is especially important when pregnant. Massage will help you relax and unwind. It will set your mind at ease and give you a chance to take a break from every day.

3 – Improved Circulation

Pregnancy causes an increase in your blood flow – this means more blood is pumping through your body, which can leave you feeling warmer, especially in your hands and feet. Increased blood flow can also cause a little bit of swelling in your extremities. Both of these can be alleviated with a good massage.

4 – Better Sleep

Massage helps your body relax, which can aid in sleep. Massage can also help your body use the oxygen in your blood more effectively – massaging your feet is a great way to get oxygen to your blood and to your heart.

5 – Decrease in Braxton Hicks Contractions

Braxton Hicks contractions are your body’s way of preparing for birth. These contractions can be uncomfortable and often cause you to feel a little bit of pain. A prenatal massage can relieve the pain and discomfort of Braxton Hicks contractions.

6 – Feel More Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Gain a sense of comfort and confidence in your body with a professional massage. Massage will help you feel confident and relaxed, which can decrease feelings of being embarrassed or uncomfortable.

7 – Get Prepared For Labor

Massage during pregnancy helps contribute to easier childbirth. Women that receive a prenatal massage during their pregnancy report having more relaxed and painless labour and an easier recovery period.

8 – Decrease Risk of Complications

Women that receive a prenatal massage during their pregnancy are less likely to experience pregnancy complications. These complications include anemia, gestational diabetes, and pre-eclampsia.

9 – Decrease Risk of Premature Birth

It is recommended for all pregnant women to receive prenatal massage, especially women with a history of premature birth.

10 – Prevent Constipation

Massaging your gut will increase the movement of your bowels and prevent you from feeling constipated. Massage also helps release endorphins, which can make you feel happier and more relaxed.


Massage can be a very relaxing experience, but it can also be incredibly beneficial for your health and the development of your baby. It is recommended for all pregnant women to receive at least one massage during their pregnancy. You can relax, relieve tension and stress, and ultimately improve your health and your baby’s health.

If you are looking to get a pregnancy massage, come to Touchstone Health. We offer licensed Naturopathic, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Counselling Services to the Kitchener-Waterloo (KW) and surrounding areas.

The Numerous Ways Acupuncture Can Benefit Your Body

Posted on: April 29th, 2022 by TouchStone Health

The human body is capable enough to heal on its own most of the time. However, our lifestyles are often preventing that and natural healing is discouraged. While it is true that modern-day medicine is important and we should never neglect it if needed, we should also help encourage our body to enter a state where natural healing is encouraged.

Many Chinese medicine practices embody this practice of natural healing. One Chinese medicine practice that has gained traction is acupuncture.

What Is Acupuncture?

If you don’t know what it is, then you are missing out. Acupuncture is the practice of sticking needles into the body as a means of moving the energy and getting it flowing throughout the human body.

The needles are not stuck in random places. Rather, there are what is referred to as “meridians.” The concept of meridians is not new in Chinese medicine, and it refers to a network of systems wherein the energy, referred to as “qi” flows.

Over the body, there are 12 meridian points. The needles used in acupuncture are stuck into these points to enhance the movement of the qi.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

One common concern among many is whether acupuncture hurts or not. The truth is, acupuncture does not hurt! A lot of times, you won’t even feel the needle going inside. The needles are very thin, often not larger than a strand of hair, and you should not feel them at all. Additionally, the points targeted are often not too susceptible or sensitive to pain.

What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture?

There are numerous benefits to getting acupuncture done. These benefits include the following:

1. Reduces Joint Pain

Acupuncture is known to release stress and tension at certain points of the body. It alleviates pain and reduces stiffness all throughout our joints. It is a great way to relieve your body without having to use any sort of drugs.

2. Helps with Migraines

If you are one to be a victim of migraines, you know how annoying they can be. They can get in the way of your work and responsibilities. Studies have shown that acupuncture can significantly reduce migraines. This works by acupuncture targets areas with nerves that trigger a response by releasing endorphins and other hormones in the body, reducing the impact of migraines and headaches.

3. Improves Mental Focus and Performance

There may be times when our brain gets a little foggy. These moments are often a result of stress and could affect you greatly. Acupuncture helps with getting your energy flowing throughout the body, revitalizing you and your brain. It helps you with getting your focus back and your ability to concentrate.

4. Better Sleep

Because acupuncture helps you relax and balances out the energy in your body, you are able to get into a pattern where your sleep is much better. Feelings of anxiety and overthinking are greatly reduced with an acupuncture treatment, which allows you to go to sleep peacefully during the nighttime. Proper sleep will improve your life in more ways than you know.


If you are still a non-believer, you should give acupuncture a try. It has multiple benefits and is known to be an effective way of making you feel better. Chronic headaches and body pain can easily be reduced by acupuncture. However, we do not encourage neglect of modern-day medicine, especially for major illnesses. It is still important to speak with a medical professional for illnesses that require intensive treatment.

If you want to get acupuncture in Waterloo, Canada, then you can visit TouchStone Health. At TouchStone Health, we believe in a holistic healing process as we offer not only acupuncture, but also chiropractic services, massage therapy, and even counselling. Get in touch with us to book an appointment.

Essential Facts You Need to Know About Massage Therapy

Posted on: April 26th, 2022 by TouchStone Health

If you’re anxious and sore, you may believe that the only thing you can do is take some over-the-counter pain medicines and get through the day. We’d gladly say it shouldn’t be so.

Massage is an excellent technique for relaxation, pain alleviation, and muscular tension release, among other things. Learn about the benefits of massage and how often you should get one. Read on!

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a hands-on treatment that manipulates the body’s soft tissues, including muscles and ligaments. Massage therapists use a range of techniques, including press-and-pulse, kneading, tapping and stretching, to relieve pain, and promote relaxation and blood circulation.

Who Should Get a Massage

Massage therapy is appropriate for most people, although a few conditions—such as blood clots, skin infections and open wounds—require a doctor’s approval before receiving a massage.

If you have a health condition and are unsure if massage is safe for you, you can always ask your doctor.

The Benefits of Massage

Massage treatment may benefit everyone, but it has been shown to aid those with cancer, heart disease, stomach issues, and fibromyalgia. Before your first appointment, make sure to discuss any medical concerns with your therapist. Here are a few of the advantages of massage treatment.

Lowers Anxiety and Stress

According to one study, the sensation of calm that follows a massage might help reduce tension and anxiety. In stressful situations, the sympathetic nervous system drives your “fight or flight” reaction. In contrast, the parasympathetic nervous system concentrates on regular and day-to-day activities that lead to relaxation and slumber. A massage is supposed to boost your parasympathetic nervous system, which might help you feel less anxious.

Boosts Immune Function

Massage therapy has been shown to lower the stress hormone cortisol levels in the body, which is one of the factors that contribute to a weakened immune system.

Promotes circulation

Massage therapy can be a valuable treatment for people recovering from illness or injury. During a massage, the therapist’s touch can increase blood flow to the injured area, which helps increase healing.

Reduces Lymphatic System Swelling

Lymphatic system swelling occurs when the body’s lymph nodes swell and become enlarged. When this occurs, the lymph system cannot drain properly, resulting in infection. Massage therapy can help relieve pain and reduce swelling in the lymph nodes, helping to decrease your risk of infection.

Reduces muscle tension

Massage therapy has been shown to reduce muscle tension and soreness levels, which can be beneficial for people who exercise regularly. Massage may help you recover faster from hard workouts, ultimately leading to an improved sense of overall well-being.

Improves Sleep

A massage may help you sleep better. The soothing sensation of a massage may help reduce tension before bed and help you fall asleep sooner. Another study suggests massage can even relieve the symptoms of insomnia.

How Often Should I Get a Massage

Most people can benefit from massage therapy a few times a month. However, some people report reducing pain or stress levels even after just one session. You and your massage therapist can decide how often you’ll come in for appointments.


Massage therapy may be a great way to meet your health goals, whether you’re recovering from an illness, injury or surgery or looking to improve your stress level and sleep quality. When you schedule a massage, you’ll benefit from the hands-on touch of a trained therapist, who can provide the right amount of pressure to help relieve your stress and help you relax.

Touch Stone Offers licensed naturopathic, acupuncture, chiropractic, counselling services, and massage therapy in Waterloo and surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment today!

Healthy Banana Oat Cookies

Posted on: April 5th, 2022 by Anna Totzke

By Anna Totzke, R.Ac.

I love making these cookies….They are perfect for a snack or for breakfast!

Easy, delicious, healthy and are free of: sugar and flour. The can easily be made gluten-free with GF oats. I usually don’t measure the ingredients when making these cookies but they always turn out!


2-3 Bananas

3-4 Medjool Dates with pits removed

2 C. (approx.) Rolled Oats

2 Tsp. Cinnamon

Optional Ingredients:

Add desired amounts of:

-Flax Seeds

-Walnuts or other nuts


-Chopped Dried Apricots or other dried fruit

-Hemps Seeds

-Cloves, Ginger, other other spice


Add the Bananas, Dates, 1/2 Rolled Oats, and Cinnamon into a blender. Blend until all ingredients form a thick paste. Pour this batter into a medium bowl.

Add the rest of the Oats and other optional ingredients. Fold the ingredients together. The batter should be a little sticky but should be able to be formed into 1/2” thick patties. If they are too sticky, add more rolled oats. Feel free to make large cookies or smaller, if you like.

Bake in the oven for 16-18 minutes at 350 F on parchment paper lined cookie sheet.

Eat right away or after they are cooled, store them in a container for several days.

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