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Why consult a Holistic Nutritionist?

Holistic Nutritionist plays a significant role in optimizing your health by:
a) Assessing client’s health with one on one consultation, in-depth and focused consultation questionnaires, identifying symptoms and imbalances in health.
b) Understand client situation and take a holistic perspective on it – mind, body and spirit
c) Recognizes blood sugar fluctuations, inflammation and food sensitivities all of which leads to many imbalances in health
d) Non-judgmentally observe the lifestyle assessment of client based on their alcohol consumption, sleep quality, stress levels, exercise, overall lifestyle, and daily health practices.
e) Provide lifestyle recommendations and suggestions based on individual need such as supplements, nutrient dense meal options, recipe, stress management techniques and lifestyle plan to optimize their health.
f) Help the clients decode ingredients and food labels to help them choose better while grocery shopping
g) Empower the client to self-care and educate them with right food, ingredients, substitute food and lifestyle choices that for their health and wellness.

What does the Initial Appointment look like?

What will you receive in this initial consultation:
The purpose of this session is to understand your health, stress level, lifestyle and your values based on which we will strategize a plan as unique as you are for your needs.
What will you receive:

  • An intake form on your health history, health goals and lifestyle assessment.
  • A detailed nutrition requirement and protocol customized just for your health needs.
  • Complete meal plan for 7 days – upon rising drink, breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and before sleep drink), recipes and grocery shopping list.
  • Lifestyle recommendations and holistic stress management techniques.
  • Supplement recommendations if required for your journey.
  • References that will help you to empower yourself in your journey: blogs, articles,
  • Research links, videos, books and more

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Waterloo, Ontario