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Welcome Holistic Nutritionist to TouchStone!

Hello all! I am excited to be joining the amazing team at TouchStone Health!  I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, however I more commonly go by the term “Holistic Nutritionist”. 

When I am not creating my newest healthy recipe or working on client protocols, you might catch me running the trails and finding any excuse to be outside.  My love of the outdoors continues to grow day by day.  I have not always been sporty and arguably some may say I am still not, but as my love for wellness grows, I realized that daily movement was a necessity for vibrant health.  Ever since then, I have been passionate about fitness as a pillar of health.  

I also believe another important pillar of health is treating illness and disease by the root cause.  Treating a person’s symptoms rather than aiming to identify the initial cause has been a concept that never made sense to me.  For this reason, I focus on education, prevention and improving health by addressing the root cause in my practice. 

As I have such a love for fitness, it is one of my specialties that I enjoy helping others with it. I have tried a variety of styles of workouts and have found what I love and an associated diet that makes me feel my best. Through COVID I trained for my first half marathon (which unfortunately got canceled last minute) and I unexpectantly fell in love with the sport. Perhaps you too have found a love for running or at home workouts since the gyms have been closed. I would love to assist you to find the best nutrition that you can pair with your training regime. 

One of the habits that makes me feel my best is plant-based nutrition. I have been a vegetarian for over 5 years and have also dabbled in veganism. While I can appreciate this diet may not work for all, it most certainly can work for many. If you are new to this lifestyle, check in with me as there is definitely a right and wrong way to approach it. I would love to assist you!

 I am thrilled to be working alongside this awesome team of professionals here at TouchStone Health.  I am confident that TouchStone will provide you with all the help you need to get on track to vitality. I would love to meet you! You can find out more about me by visiting my Instagram @holisticallyjill

In Wellness, 

Jill Jackson, CNP, NNCP 

564-572 Weber Street North, Unit 3A
Waterloo, Ontario