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We are Triune: Health on all Levels

by Leann Mai, Manual Osteopathic Therapist

We are triune (Merriam-Webster 2024, meaning: three in one/ b: consisting of three parts, members, or aspects)

We are a combination of body, mind and spirit…Beautifully put together to move, learn, think, and feel. We may think of these aspects as all being separate, especially if we are trying to satisfy each one separately for self care but it is simply not possible. When we affect one, we affect all. Physical pain like sciatica can be exhausting and it can prevent you from getting out and “filling your spirit” through activities like gardening, swimming or playing with your family. Pain can also drain us mentally.

If we look at the flip side…There is a scene from the movie Parental Guidance that always brings a smile to my face. In the movie the grandparents play a game of “kick the can” with their grandchildren. I see this scene as being a perfect example of the body, mind, and spirit all being rejuvenated through movement strategy and connection!

When our body is out of alignment, it signals to our brain there is a problem. Our mind then interprets this signal as pain. We don’t live a life where we wish to become structurally aligned and not move in order to stay that way. We wish to be able to move, feel, enjoy and recover efficiently and with as little discomfort as possible. We work all day and suffer with low back pain, sore shoulders and stiff necks in order to live for the joy of playing sports, experiencing vacations, playing music and raising a family- seeking to connect the three aspects (mind, body, spirit) of ourselves.

Our bodies were created with the same complexity of relationships, and we respond or react differently to a variety of therapies and practitioners, that’s why a healthcare team sets you up for the best success. Find your team, find your health! 

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