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Don’t Worry, Your Brain Has Got Your Back!

by Leann Mai, Osteopathic Manual Therapist

Having a bit of an optimistic point of view can be beneficial for body and mind. Our body is designed to take the path to health and it is programmed to do whatever it can to keep you upright and get through the day. Our nervous system navigates through these challenges whether we are aware of them or not. Oh!- you didn’t realize you were holding your breath or your shoulders have somehow crept up and feel like they are almost touching your ears!? That’s the sympathetic nervous system kicking in to give us the edge and awareness where we need it (a.k.a. our fight/flight/freeze response) in order to get through the urgency of our experience. Now that the stress is gone you can safely take a deep breath and lower them! That is when our parasympathetic system kicks in to level out the tone between the systems and bring symmetry back to the functions of our body (a.k.a. our rest/digest/repair response). 

When there is dysfunction in the body it can cause an imbalance of motion in our daily activities and quality of our daily functions that we don’t even think about- like digesting our food or rate and rhythm of our heartbeat. Our nervous system is amazing how it signals the body to get through our day controlling everything from muscle tension to reflexes for our safety (ouch! That pan is hot!) to nutritious blood supply.

Osteopathy thinks about the MAP of your body, that is why individual care is the best care- your Mechanics to your Anatomy to improve your Physiological processes. Using principle based treatment to bring balance, so that your body can do what it is designed to do- bring health.

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