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6 Do’s and Don’ts with Cupping Treatment Aftercare

Medicine and pain relief have evolved plenty, but there are still many reliable treatments existing for years. Cupping is an alternative method of treating various diseases and ailments. This is done by placing cups on the skin and creating suction with a vacuum pump. Cupping helps with: blood flow, muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, cleansing the skin and releasing toxins. 

Cupping therapy is not just a fad as it definitely has a lasting purpose and effect on people. Not only is it a safe and powerful method of dealing with pain and different illnesses, but it is also an effective one. 

If you’ve gone through the treatment, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of cupping aftercare to ensure that your health isn’t compromised. Continue reading to learn more.

1) Do Stay Hydrated

After having a cupping treatment session, it is advantageous that you stay hydrated. While this therapy is quite powerful, give your body a good supply of water to help flush out the inner toxins in your body. Plus, staying hydrated will help your body heal faster from the heat that came from cupping.

2) Don’t Eat Big Meals

You might be craving a big meal but, for the sake of cupping aftercare, it’s important not to eat big meals. Because our bodies have lost a lot of their energy, we have to eat light meals and focus on digesting. Eating a big meal will only slow down your digestion, and you’ll end up with problems.

3) Do Rest Up After Your Treatment

The heat that is produced from the cupping treatment is a great detoxifier. But after your treatment, you need to rest so that your body can repair itself. Give yourself a few hours to rest and relax before doing your daily chores or going out. Also, remember to take breaks in between to help the body heal faster.

4) Don’t Expose Your Skin to Chills

When you’ve had a cupping treatment, it’s best to avoid cold or chilly air. The pores on your skin are wide open after the treatment, and exposing yourself to the cold air will make you feel uncomfortable. If you have to go outdoors after your treatment, bring a shawl or blanket with you to avoid exposure to the cold.

5) Do Postpone Exercising

With the heat from the cupping treatment, you must let your body relax as much as it can. In fact, it’s best to avoid physical activities for a short period after your treatment. At best, simply do some light stretching and breathing exercises. Doing so and postponing extraneous activities will help you recover quicker.

6) Don’t Go Sunbathing

After your cupping treatment, don’t go sunbathing. Even if there’s a temptation to jump into the pool or the beach to bask in the sun after reaping the benefits of cupping, that’s not a good idea after the session right away. The heat from the sun will be too much for your body to bear, and you might suffer from serious skin irritation.


Cupping is a great alternative method of dealing with illnesses and pains. Because of its popularity, more and more people want to be part of the cupping experience. Make the appointment and learn the proper know-how of cupping aftercare.

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