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Helpful Resource – Yoga Poses to Ease Low Back and Hip Tension 

Posted by: Dr. Jocelyn Hayes, D.C.

(source: Roxanne Gan and printed with permission)


If you’re like me you’re probably noticing body tension creeping in while you try to work from home. Not being able to have your usual chiropractic, massage and acupuncture appointments doesn’t help either. I wanted to share a short but effective yoga routine that’s been helping me keep my body feeling as good as possible over these last few weeks. I hope it helps ☺

1st Row:

Its always therapeutic and relaxing to start with child’s pose then a couple cat-cow stretches. 

Child’s pose – let your body relax over your legs. Breathe deeply 5x while you continue to let go of tension.

Cat-cow stretch – Inhale arch back, exhale round back, repeat 5 times

2nd Row:

Squat – release tension in back as you twist and open up the hips too.

Seated twist – Keep spine long. Inhale to lengthen spine, exhale to twist.

3rd Row:

Seated – Butterfly pose to stretch the spine & inner thighs. Keep back tall and long as you flex at the hip.

On your back – hug knees to chest keeping shoulders down, using core strength to get hips closer to ground to stretch lower back. Then open legs for happy baby pose to stretch hamstrings and inner thighs. 

Rest in supine butterfly for a few deep breaths.

4th row:

Thread the needle – stretching the glutes help release tightness in the lower back too. Relax shoulders, gently pull leg into tummy and lengthen tailbone down to feel the stretch. 

Finish with a good spinal twist, breathing into the belly, exhaling from the lower back.

Hold these poses for 1 to 5 min.

*note: These stretches should never cause pain. If they do, do not continue with that particular stretch.


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