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What to Expect During and After an Acupuncture Treatment

By Anna Totzke, Registered Acupuncturist

It is quite common for Acupuncture clients to feel a little nervous before receiving their first acupuncture treatment. What I always find though is that by the end of the treatment people are always pleasantly surprised by how good and relaxed they feel.

What happens during an acupuncture treatment?

During your first appointment, we will go over your Initial Intake Form. (The Intake form is very long but it paints a picture of your system and helps me come up with a custom treatment plan for you). I will look at your tongue and feel your pulses on your wrist (this also helps come up with a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis).

The acupuncture needles are ultra-thin (hair thin), sterile, disposable needles. They are gently inserted and generally feel like a mosquito bite as they are inserted. They are quite comfortable when they are inserted. The treatment itself can last between 20-30 minutes. It is at this point people take a nap, meditate, or just relax (and this is easy to do during an acupuncture treatment!)

In most cases people feel quite relaxed, in a calm zone while other people feel more energized following an acupuncture treatment.

A series of acupuncture are generally recommended depending on your main complaint and other factors.

Please let Anna know if you have any questions (

Acupuncture is only one type of treatment that can be used on its own or in combination with acupressure, cupping therapy, or moxibustion.

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