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Walk the Dog

It’s interesting hearing people say that they need to walk their dog everyday. People will go out in all kinds of weather to ensure their pet has been adequately exercised and had time to breathe in the fresh air.

I find this interesting because you seldom hear someone say that they need to walk themselves or take the necessary time outside.

It seems ridiculous to think we don’t value ourselves enough to ensure we have the benefit of being outside, even if it is just for 15 minutes of our day. This time allows for reflection, contemplation and ultimately balance, in this busy world that we live in.

If you have a pet that needs time outside, great…and if you don’t, consider making yourself the priority. See what happens when you are included in the season, allowing nature to be apart of your life. Almost always you will be met with relaxation and an overall sense of wellbeing, shaking the stress off from the day.

And if you’re not sure, watch a dog after it’s been out for a walk. What wonderful teachers, these furry creatures are.

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