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Registered Social Worker / Counselling

Why See a Social Worker / Counsellor?

Optimal health is best achieved by supporting not only the physical, but also the mental and social issues affecting health. A social worker is trained to understand the impact of work, family, finances, illness, and many other factors that create barriers and contribute to stress. Social workers can help untangle these factors to recognize and understand the impact of stressors, develop coping strategies, organize thoughts and goals, and work towards balancing wellness. 

Areas of Focus / Specialization:

Stress  / Anxiety

Grief / Depression

Career Direction

Finding Personal Identity/Personal Growth

Coping with the Pandemic

Coping with Medical diagnosis or illness

Coping with Parenting High Needs kids (ie: medical/behavioural diagnosis, emotional/sensory intensities, neurodiversity; autism, gifted) What is a Child Life Specialist? Child Life Specialists are trained in child development and use therapeutic play to help children and youth cope with experiences such as hospitalization, medical diagnosis, or grief. Child Life interventions can help reduce overall stress and trauma related to these experiences. Find out more information about the profession of Child Life, including training and certification requirements here


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