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Parent Counselling & Coaching

Parent Coaching: Parenting has its challenges and sometimes what is needed is someone to listen and offer an outside view to help build your parenting esteem, fine-tune skills, or learn new ways to parent that are more in line with your own goals and values for you and your family. If you are experiencing struggles parenting kids with higher needs such as medical or behavioural diagnosis, emotional/sensory intensities, neurodiversity, or gifted/twice exceptionalities, we can look at understanding and coping with those needs to find ways to reduce stress and help create a more manageable plan for parenting through the challenges.  

Support for Parents of High Needs Children with:

Behavioural Concerns

A Medical Diagnosis

Hospitalization / NICU Experiences

Emotional / Sensory Intensities

Neurodiversity / Autism / Gifted

What is a Child Life Specialist? Child Life Specialists are trained in child development and use therapeutic play to help children and youth cope with experiences such as hospitalization, medical diagnosis, or grief. Child Life interventions also involve working with families and can help parents and caregivers understand how to help their child to reduce overall stress from these experiences. Find out more information about the profession of Child Life, including training and certification requirements here

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