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Here are some of our favourite websites/blogs to support you in Eating Clean and Feeling Great and Inspired!


Unconventional Baker – Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Egg-free, Refined Sugar-free amazing and delicious recipes.

Oh She Glows – Award winning, Angela Liddon has hundreds of delicious vegan recipes and so much more.

Comfy Belly – Erica’s recipes are a combination of gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-fee, sugar-free and SCD….they are amazing.

Healthful Pursuit – Leanne gives you options to find recipes that are: gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, veggie, vegan or paleo.

Against All Grain – Danielle’s grain-free, SCD recipes.

Minimalist Baker – Dana’s delicious recipes can be made in either: 1 bowl, in 30 minutes or less or will have less than 10 ingredients.

Detoxinista – healthy, easy recipes put together by Megan to suit many dietary plans…and they are really, really delicious.

Nourishing Meals – this site has endless fantastic recipes that are great for elimination diets, detoxes.

Joyous Health – Joy has great resources and recipes for a variety of dietary needs.

The Naked Label – this site helps us understand what we are eating through education but also gives great recipe ideas.

Sprouted Kitchen – Sara and Hugh’s whole foods made easy.

Food Facts – an easy to use resource for knowing what is really in your food.  This site offers a pictorial guide for uncovering what is in many of the pre packaged foods we consume.

The Sustainable Market – fresh, local and sustainably grown produce which you can order online weekly for pickup in Waterloo.


Skin Deep – a cosmetic database created by the EWG to help consumers understand how safe their beauty products are.

White Apothecary – all natural cosmetic and beauty products.

The Detox Market - healthy beauty products.

Eco Chic Movement – 100% Chemical Free Products created by a Canadian Naturopathic Doctor


TED Talks – fantastic topics to inspire, educate and enjoy.

Philosophers Notes – Brian has read over 200 Philosophical books and created his version of Cliff Notes™ in pdf and mp3 format.  Great for giving you more wisdom and inspiration, in less time.

Calm - Meditation Techniques that are easy to use for a busy life needing some calm

Buddhify – Meditation and Mindfullness App

Byron Katie – a process of inquiry to uncover stressful thoughts/beliefs and how to resolve them.


Environmental Working Group – a fantastic resource for evidence-based information to educate you as a consumer.


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