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Stress Management Counselling

You work every day to achieve our aspirations and create abundance in your life. Anything worth attaining is difficult, and the whole-hearted dedication to turning our dreams in reality can eventually take a toll on our mental and emotional health. Burnout and compassion fatigue is common among even the strongest individuals.  Counselling serves to relieve stress related to relationships, employment, academic goals, or skill deficits. Developing a deeper level of self-awareness by creating a self-management plan or implementing appropriate coping mechanisms can empower you to step forward with confidence.

Ali Diebold, Social Worker will actively listen to your concerns and then work to develop a customized treatment plan that best aligns with your goals.

Common Purposes:

  • Career and academic transitions
  • Interview or examination preparation
  • Chronic pain management (mindfulness strategies)
  • Managing stress related to infertility
  • Resolving workplace conflicts

Other Counselling Services

To Book an appointment with Ali Diebold, please use our online booking link to see how Trauma Counselling Counselling can help you.

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