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Relationship & Couples Counselling

An intimate partnership is a powerful bond that serves to create safety, a shared vision, and feelings of togetherness. Relationship and couples counselling can assist you to improve communication, generate a greater sense of intimacy, and become closer through guided collaboration. Counselling provides a supportive environment to help establish an open and authentic dialogue to help navigate challenges, resolve conflict, and further build your shared vision together. When these goals are nurtured through counselling, each partner is able to offer their perspective and becomes a key player in problem solving.

Ali Diebold, Social Worker will actively listen to your concerns and then work to develop a tailored treatment plan that best aligns with your shared goals.

Common Purposes:

  • Pre-marital preparation
  • Conflict or anger management
  • Work/life balance and support
  • Rebuilding trust and recovery after infidelity
  • Infertility
  • Stress of actively working toward fertility
  • Improving communication or interpersonal interactions

Other Counselling Services

To Book an appointment with Ali Diebold, please use our online booking link to see how Trauma Counselling Counselling can help you.

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