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5 Ways Osteopathy Can Help Indigestion

by Leann Mai (M. OMSc)

Many people may be surprised to learn that Osteopathy not only helps with pain and discomfort in the body such as back, neck, jaw, hip, leg, and shoulder pain but also can improve other systems in the body like the digestive system.

5 ways Osteopathy can help indigestion:

1: Aligns the esophagus and decrease irritation to esophageal lining.

2: Improves blood flow to the salivary glands- improving the quality of enzymes to start the breakdown process.

3: Improves the stomach’s ability to expand and move, preventing regurgitation.

4: Improves nervous system communication by increasing the parasympathetic response responsible for digestion and moving the process along more efficiently.

5: Improves the environment of the stomach through acidity levels and decreasing heartburn and further esophageal lining irritation.

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