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TouchStone Welcomes a Registered Social Worker

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TouchStone Health is happy to welcome, Ali Diebold, MSW, RSW, TITC-CT.

Ali is a Registered Social Worker who has received focused training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy, and Trauma-Focused Therapy.  Ali works together with clients to overcome obstacles, establish forward momentum, and stabilize progress.  As a young adult she was gifted with both physical and mental obstacles to overcome. By working her way through these challenges, she has learned what it takes to accept oneself, find comfort in the unknown, and embrace necessary change.

She has a focus on:

  • Mental Health - anxiety, depression, personality disorders: Bipolar, Borderline Personality, AntiSocial
  • Relationship & Couples Counselling - Work/Life Balance & Support, Communication or Interpersonal Challenge, Pre-Martial Preparation
  • Trauma - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, First Responder Trauma, Vicarious Trauma
  • Stress Management - Career and Academic Transitions, Chronic Pain, Infertility
  • Infertility – preconception stress, post partum

She cultivates a therapeutic and safe environment based on values of compassion and understanding.

If are you interested in becoming a patient of Ali Diebold, MSW, RSW, TITC-CT please use our online booking system to find a day and time that work for you.  If you have any questions she is happy to do a 10 or 15 min consultation over the phone to answer any questions you would have before booking in.


564-572 Weber Street North, Unit 3A
Waterloo, Ontario