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Toppling Tree…Toppling Me

I was at a Yoga Class the other day and was struck by something we all know, but I think is helpful to be reminded of.  I love hot yoga…the heat, the relaxation, the physical challenge; it is an excellent activity for anyone who wants an incredible work out with some serious stress erasing benefits.

We were asked to go into Toppling Tree position.  I like this pose and generally find it manageable.  Although, last week I was placed behind someone that was struggling with maintaining this.  When she fell out of the pose, I seemed to fall out.  When she regained position, I regained.  After a few stumbles, I realized I cannot look at this person as I was highly influenced by her behaviour.  When we switched sides, I forced my eyes to fall directly in front of my toes, looking at the floor and then position was maintained without any desire to fall out.

This yoga class reminded me of the power of influence.  When we surround ourselves by thoughts/people that support us, nurture our goals, our aspirations, that build us up…we can’t help but feel this way.  When we surround ourselves with thoughts/people that are negative, enjoying the misery of a situation, breaking us down with unkind words or deeds, we can’t help but feel this way.

It’s up to us…choose to be around those that make you want to be better, that inspire you with goodness.  Think thoughts that increase your worth and add value.  This makes for a much more enjoyable experience and a much more successful yoga session.


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