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Change of Season

Posted on: November 2nd, 2013 by Dr. Amanda Sue Cressman

The change of seasons can often bring unwelcome colds, coughs and sore throats.  There is so much that can be done to prevent bugs from making your life difficult.  We often forgot those age-old supports that really do make a difference.  But the reality is, sometimes these lifestyle supports are not enough to fight off a bug.  We can’t always eat cleanly, sleep well/long enough or stay away from others who are sick.  Naturopathic medicine has a great deal of support to offer, whether with botanicals to boost immunity or fight off infection the moment you feel something coming on, homeopathics to help treat coughs or sore throats, natural cough syrups that are safe for children and adults or acupuncture to relieve sinus congestion.  You need to have your options available for ensuring you avoid feeling the nasty effects of a bacteria/virus.

So try your best this season to take good care of yourself with these tips and if you need extra support, Naturopathic Medicine can do wonders to get you feeling better quickly.

Age old tips to help you avoid getting sick:

Sleep – more than usual.  Even though it’s unrealistic to wakeup with sunrise and sleep with sunset, the fall/winter season ask us to spend longer time sleeping with the long nights.  Try to get to bed sooner, especially when you are feeling the onset of a cold.

Fluids – keep drinking as much as possible and opt for water.  Try to decrease caffeine, which dehydrates your body and if you’re wanting flavor, drink herbal teas or diluted juices.  Alcohol depresses our ability to fight infection as well…so water and herbal teas really are best.

Eating Clean – fall/winter season is the time of year we want to eat more calorically dense foods and unfortunately what we usually turn to is desserts and sugar.  Do your best to avoid sweets, especially when you are feeling under the weather, as sugar depresses our ability to fight infection.  Try to eat as clean as possible, especially in the winter months.

Hand washing – kill the bacteria/viruses that we may have been in contact with and literally wash them off of you.  Some hand products kill them but you want them off your body to avoid ingestion or inhalation.

Protect your neck – this is one we often to forget about, but if you leave the house with wet hair (especially if it’s long) or go for a run without wearing a scarf or jacket with a high collar, you are exposing your neck, which can send a chill throughout the body and set the stage for infection.  In Chinese Medicine the back of the neck is considered important to protect because if it becomes cold, it can influence if a bug you were exposed to will manifest into infection or not.

Move your body – whether if exercising, dancing, rebounding – move that body to sweat out toxins, mobilize mucus and increase circulation.  Everything will feel better if this is a part of your daily routine.

Monthly Homeopathic Remedy feature: HYDROPHOBINUM

Posted on: February 21st, 2011 by Dr. Amanda Sue Cressman


Bozena Niedziela, an Osteopathic Practitioner is also trained in Classical Homeopathy. Here she explains an interesting homeopathic remedy and the chief symptoms that it can help.

People needing this homeopathic medicine go into uncontrollable rage, often with remorse afterward. The rage can be from unknown causes but often comes from situation in which the individual is tormented, as with sexual abuse or excessive teasing. There is a strong tendency present to experience violent impulses to cut things, people, or themselves with a knife. The rage can also come as a crime of affection, like in a dog who has been kicked and abused over and over and finally bites its master, or in a betrayed spouse. Apologies follow since after the rage there is the recognition of consequences and overreaction. Children needing this remedy are among the most violent and difficult to handle. Reaction to a dog bite may call for this remedy. Fears are prominent with fear of water, dogs, and claustrophobia. There can be fever with aversion to water or aggravation from the sound of it. I cured once my cat from a sudden, summer fever. I did not know what happened to her but she did not want to drink water. I used first Belladonna, a classic fever remedy with possible hydrophobia (aversion to water) but it has palliated the condition only for a day or two. My cat started to eat a bit but still did not want to drink water. There was no sign of struggle on the body but an intuitive friend had the feeling my cat got frightened by something. I got the message and applied Hydrophobinum (called Lyssin as well) immediately. The fever has disappeared within 1 hour and my cat started to drink and recovered fully. I am convinced she would have died without it, especially since she is an old cat.

If you are interested in Classical Homeopathy and seeing how it can help you, please contact our office at: 1-888-454-4667.

Written by homeopath, Bozena Niedziela HD, based on the “Ritalin Free Kids” by Judyth and Robert Ullman, N.D.s

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